Naval Architect Erik Hofmann

Passenger Vessels


Ship and Yacht Engineering Ltd. offers a wide range of shell doors, platforms and hatches not only for passenger vessels or yachts. All components are made of high quality materials e.g. stainless steel, steel, aluminium or GRP. All kinds and shapes of shell doors are available as either a closed or an open box design. Supervision for installation or harm key is also available.

Design 3D, Static Analysis, Frequency, Arrangement of Equipment, Design of Fittings, Fabrication Drawings of :

milena-Ro-ro 2a. Side Shell Doors

  • Crew Entrance Doors
  • Machinery Doors
  • Pilot Doors
  • Bunker Doors
  • Passenger Entrance Doors

b. Tender Embarkation Platforms

c. Baggage Lifts & Platforms

d. Proviant Lifts

f. Signal Mast

  • Structure
  • Wings
  • Arms
  • Equipment support, ropes