Naval Architect Erik Hofmann

Mega Yachts


Ship and Yacht Engineering Ltd. is expert on Mega Yacht Design will analyze your needs and help you develop an optimization solution based on your efficiency goals and budget. We offers design , static analysis and construction of :

megayacht1a. Side Shell Doors

  • Crew Entrance Doors
  • Machinery Doors
  • Pilot Doors
  • Bunker Doors
  • Passenger Entrance Doors
  • Tender Garage Doors

b. Embarkation Platforms    

Mega yachtsc. Bathing or Diving Platforms

d. Swimming Pool Covers

e. Helicopter Lifts & Hatches

f. Pleasure Boat Davits

g. Movable Bulwarks

h. Telescopic/Collapsible Mast-Arrangements

i. Bunker Hatches

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