Naval Architect Erik Hofmann

Container Ship Hegemann NB 222
Arcolore/Arcomat TTS

Our task:Foldable Hatch Cover system
DXF Cuting Files, incl. Chamfer,
System Bending,
Shrinkage Allowancees of weld,
add. changed Pos.-No. at the

OffshorePetrobras 52 B262
Keppel Fels Petrobras Netherlands B.V.
Schoenrock Nautechnics GmbH

Our task:Watertight Bulkhead Doors

Hight Pressure,
Design 3D, Static
Analysis, Fabrication Drawings

RO-RO Passenger Ferries NB 1701
Hellenic Shipyard
Schoenrock Nautechnics GmbH
Our task:Foldable Stern Ramp
RE-Design 3D, Static Analysis,
Design of Hydraulic and Electric
components, Design of Fittings,
Fabrication Drawings